One night while Andrew and I were trying to put Caden’s nursery together, I ran into a problem. We hadn’t put anything up in our house yet so I had a pile of decorative items that I knew I liked and wanted to use, but I had no idea where or how and I was getting overwhelmed. But we had to get them out of the bedroom. I expressed my frustration to Andrew and he said, “Well, why don’t you just start?” I wanted to protest but couldn’t think of anything logical or not pathetic to say, so I did. I brought the things downstairs that I thought I wanted there, took some into our room, and then just had a small pile for Caden’s room. And in just a few minutes this massive problem I had was basically taken care of.

Andrew didn’t give me any additional knowledge, skills, vision, or ability. He just got me to act on what I knew already and then to make more decisions. I had everything I needed from the start.

So, if there is something stressing you out – a school project, ministering assignment, a goal you’ve set for yourself, whatever – “Just start” by acting on the knowledge, inspiration, or hunch you have and see what happens!