This is an important question to answer. Starting down one road when you should be on the other could lead to confusion and frustration for you and your baby. Luckily though, this question isn’t too hard to answer.

EC is officially recommended for babies 0-18 months. Potty training is recommended beginning at 16-18mo.

If your child is younger than 12mo, you are in the EC category. This process is parent-led and the baby is not expected to necessarily signal or have much independence in the process, so it is up to the parent to learn and respond to their baby’s needs. EC is covered extensively in the Go Diaper Free book with plenty of helpful tips and pictures.

If your baby is between 12-18mo, you will most likely do what’s called the “hybrid plan” which takes elements from both EC and potty training to help meet the needs of your independence-seeking baby. This plan is included in the Go Diaper Free book purchase (see p. 71). As the child seeks more control, the parent makes it a priority to teach them how to signal, how to mount the potty, how to manipulate clothing, etc.

If your baby is between 16-18mo, it is your call as the parent whether to use the hybrid plan or go ahead and tackle potty training. Either is just fine. It just depends on your child’s temperament and if you are able to commit full-time. If you are ready to be done and you think your child is ready to be done, go ahead with potty training!

If your child is over 18mo, EC would no longer be beneficial so you would go straight to the potty training plan included in The Tiny Potty Training Book, adjusting for naps and nighttime according to his age, abilities, and your desires as the parent.

And there you have it! Now you know whether to do EC or potty training with your baby!