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My dad is a compulsive hobbyist. A compulsive hobbyist is a way of life. It’s living a life of passion…mixed with a little ADHD. Growing up, my dad had a farm, remote control cars, remote control airplanes, go-karts, an old tractor, horses, llamas, goats, a Corvette, several motorcycles and even a real airplane. My mom may have been the one that pushed for the animals, but you get the idea.

One day, Dad brought home a 2006 Honda S2000. (If you’ve never heard of it, check out this link.) It’s a 2 seater, convertible sports-car. Lets just say the family loved it. Especially Dad, my brother Peter and I (Andrew). Dad used this car to get him to work and back and Peter made sure it was absolutely immaculately clean and kept up. I remember lying in bed as a 10-year-old boy imagining the day that I’d be able to drive it and shift through the gears. Seriously, to this day I remember waking up from dreaming about driving it.

As the years went on, we all grew up and carried on with our lives, but this little car stuck around, always up for a fun drive. We always talked about putting a turbo in it and making it really fast, but we never did. I would beg my dad to do it, but I knew he wouldn’t really. Until I moved away and wasn’t there to bug him about it anymore. That’s when he did it. Ugh. Anyway, a year and a half later, I moved back to Arizona and got to drive it, and boy was it amazing. I’m talking double the original horsepower! It was everything I dreamed it could be.

Then one rainy day last year (2019), my dad was driving it to work. He hit a deep puddle, lost control and put it into a wall.

We were so sad. We’d had the car for a decade and it had found a place in our hearts.

We decided to keep it with the hope of someday rebuilding it.

Coming soon is the story of how we do it! We will rebuild this car and it will live on! Pictures and hints of how we’re going to do it are on our instagram page; check it out!

It’s taken us over 6 months to come up with a plan, but today the rebuild project is becoming real! I drove the donor car today! It felt sooo good to be behind the wheel of another S2000.

This is after the Science of Speed turbo kit was installed and Ethanol tuning was done. On pure ethanol it dyno’d at 450 HP.

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  1. Ken and Sandy Ewald

    Mom and I are so excited to read of your incredible journey on earth! We love you!

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